Teleflex Webinar Programme

Teleflex Webinar Programme

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Teleflex Webinar Program

Techniques and Technologies for Success in Complex Non-Occlusive Lesions

In October 2020, Teleflex hosted a series of webinars focussed on complex non-occlusive lesions. The webinars reached nearly 300 delegates in over 30 countries and featured insightful presentations from Dr Elliot Smith of Barts Health NHS Trust and Dr Jo Dens of Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Genk, Belgium. Topics include; approaches to the balloon uncrossable lesion and advanced use of guide extensions. 

Watch the content on demand for free below.

Session 1 - Wiring and crossing the most complex anatomical challenges


  • 00:00 - 01:56 - Introduction - Lee Middleton and Elliot Smith
  • 01:56 - 27:14 - Complex bifurcation anatomy: Dedicated microcatheters and wires, and the techniques to use them - Jo Dens
  • 27:14 - 1:01:39 - Approaches to the balloon uncrossable lesion: What are the failure modes and how to avoid them?
  • 1:01:39 - 1:02:05 - Closing remarks - Lee Middleton

Session 2 - Pushing the limits with enhanced support


  • 00:00 - 01:51 - Introduction - Chris Buller
  • 01:51 - 35:50 - Enhancing support to facilitate delivery: An algorithmic approach to techniques and technologies - Jo Dens
  • 35:50 - 54:44 - Advanced use of Guide extensions: Where you can go, how to get there, what are the risks - Elliot Smith
  • 54:44 - 55:47 - Closing remarks - Chris Buller

Educational objectives:

  • Demonstrate key tools and techniques for addressing tortuosity, lesion crossing, side branch access • Understand differences, advantages and disadvantages of specific wires, guide extensions and microcatheters
  • Demonstrate through case reviews skillsets required and options available when utilising the available technologies
  • Understand option appraisal when challenged during a case, and risks involved
  • Showcase skillsets learned from the CTO space including trapping, use of microcatheters, and dedicated wires in complex cases
  • Highlight the role of dual operator cases and proctoring to enhance success (ie. it's not ‘see one do one teach one’ any more)


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