Heartwize: A resuscitation training programme

Heartwize: A resuscitation training programme

Monday, 17 September 2018 @ 16:39

In the UK, 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests happen every year, 70-80% happen at home and less than 8% survive.  Worryingly, statistics show that in the UK only 35% of the community will attempt CPR.   In countries where CPR forms part of the education system this statistic increases to 80% with an increase in survival rates to over 40%.

Having been made aware of these alarming statistics back in 2015 and learning of Heartwize, a resuscitation training programme set up by Drs Doug Skehan and Bill Toff with the aim to ensure that every pupil passing through secondary education is offered training in CPR and AED awareness, Millbrook had no hesitation in offering it’s organisational services to arrange the Heartwize launch conference at the Tigers Rugby Ground in Leicester.  Attended by healthcare professionals, students, teachers, patient survivors, local dignitaries and industry supporters, this successful event attracted great media attention and was the beginning of something significant. Millbrook unreservedly offered support and resources to help this groundbreaking venture take off and it is a great pleasure to the Millbrook team to see Heartwize now preparing for the next stage in their journey.

Heartwize’s concept is to invite HCPs and others who are trained in the “chain of survival”, to volunteer to go into schools and deliver the Heartwize module within a single lesson. Within 3 years, a phenomenal 20,000 students and 1,000 adults have now been trained and Heartwize was recently awarded the BMJ “Education Team of the Year” Award.  

Heartwize runs solely on charitable donations and relies heavily on volunteer trainers.  Last year, Millbrook’s offices arranged and entertained a ‘Cyclethon’ day in aid of Heartwize.  We were overwhelmed by the support and contributions received from local businesses, pharma and device industry representatives, GPs (and their families), and HCPs, all of whom took turn on one of the static cycles.  The Managing Director’s office was turned into a communal sleeping room and we were a little disturbed to find a cardiologist curled up asleep under her desk at one point.

It’s been a huge pleasure having Heartwize live with us at Millbrook Medical Conferences and we wish them every success in their new premises.

If you are interested in offering your services, discussing the Heartwize concept or donate to Heartwize please email Julie Young, julie@heartwize.org All contributions received are used towards continuing Heartwize's important resuscitation training programme and will allow them to invest in new equipment such as training mannequins and defibrillators.

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